Correx Boards

We are a printing company who specialises in printing direct on almost any rigid substrate. Among the wide range of materials Correx Boards (corrugated plastic boards) are the cheapest and the most popular advertising solution, especially for temporary, quick and cheap signage. It's digitally printed, light and rigid at the same time!

Correx Signs

At Carrick Signs Ltd., we provide full colour large format printing services. We specialise in supplying advertising boards printed direct on almost any rigid substrate. Full colour digitally printed correx signs provide a solution for cheap bespoke signs that are perfect for quick outdoor signage without compromising superior quality.

The vast range of correx material applications is practically unlimited. Corrugated plastic signs are light, strong and weather resistant. We print direct using UV inks which gives an extra sunlight protection.

Sign Board Printing

We don't just sell advertising sign boards -  we print them! Contacting us direct you can enjoy very attractive board printing prices and guarantee that your job will not get stuck between third party companies. We have a fully equipped facility in Whitefield, Manchester to take care of all your sign board printing needs in the most professional way. We have highly experienced and fully qualified team of experts to take care of all types of requirements and provide frendly advice if you have any questions. No board printing order is too complex for our team or too big for us to complete.

One of the reasons for our fast-paced growth in the industry is our ability to work closely with our customers. We can work with all types of custom printing requirements and we always deliver highly satisfactory solutions. At Carrick Signs, we are committed not only to meeting your expectations but to exceeding them every time. Latest technology equipment combined with highly talented workforce enable us to meet every challenge that is thrown at us with ease.

Advertising Boards for your company

It does not matter even if you are running a 100% online operation; print advertising is one of the most effective ways of promoting your brand even for an online business. Regardless of whether it is an online business or offline business, all the brands have to set aside a decent budget towards printing advertising. If you are already convinced of this important factor and if you are in the process of looking for the best advertising services then here are some insider tips that will help you get the best out of advertising boards.

Firstly, you need to understand that not all advertising printing services are the same. Every company that you come across will tell you that they offer the best solutions but in reality, most of them leave their customers in a quandary. Instead of blindly signing up with a company that specializes in board printing services, you will need to screen your service providers.

Secondly, you will need to find companies that use the latest printing technologies available in the printing industry. Some of the companies still continue to limit themselves to old and outdated printing technology. The problem here is that the latest equipment has been designed to deliver the finest quality output. When you happen to go with companies that use outdated printing technology, you will have to settle for below average quality.

Thirdly, is your printing services provider making use of the best quality supplies for their printing services? Latest technology on poor quality printing supplies will result in poor print quality. This will also result in poor life span of the advertising boards you print. If you want to get the best value for your money, you will need to find companies that use premium quality printing supplies. How do you know or how to find out whether you are working with a company that uses premium supplies? One of the ways of establishing this is by looking for companies that enjoy good reputation. Only companies that deliver consistently good quality printing services and companies that ensure value for money will be able to enjoy good reputation. Therefore start looking for companies that have several years of experience in the industry and companies that have positive reputation.

When you are getting your quote from your advertising boards printing company, pay attention to finer details of the quote. You should make certain that there aren’t any hidden charges. It is therefore important to establish that you are paying a fair price for your advertising board printing services. Always try to get a written quote from your printing company. You should make it a point to compare multiple quotes and when you do, you will notice the variations in the prices between service providers. This process is not to find the cheapest service provider but it is essential that you do not overpay for your advertising board printing needs. Each time you go out to print your advertising boards keep these insider tips in mind to safeguard your interests as a customer.

Looking for Foamex or Foam Board printing?

If you are looking for more rigid and smooth surface display board, click below to visit our foamex printing page.

foamex and foam board printing

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