Estate Agent Boards

  • Full colour estate agent boards from £6.50+Vat, for sale boards, to let boards, commercial property boards
  • Letting boards printed direct using long lasting fade resistant UV cured inks
  • Flag boards 610x813mm, 6mm thick, printed on both sides (design allowing for post to be attached on one of the sides)
  • T-boards made using two 4mm correx boards stuck together (posts to fit in between the boards)
  • Property boards can be printed and produced to any size, limited only by the sheet size 5ft x 10ft (1500x3000mm)
  • Cheap Estate Agent Boards! Different designs for To Let and For Sale Estate Agent Boards? We print at no extra cost

Estate agent Flag boards

Double sided Full Colour 6mm landscape correx boards:

£11.50+vat each, for quantities 5+
£11.00+vat each, for quantities 20+
Setup fee: £10+vat, Delivery from £11+vat

Estate agent 'T' boards

Two landscape 4mm correx boards joined together with a pole slot in the middle:

£10.50+vat each, for quantities 5+
£10.00+vat each, for quantities 20+
Setup fee: £10+vat, Delivery from £11+vat

Let by slips, Sold, Managed by

£2.50 each, for quantities 10+ (up to quarter of the board area).

To Let, For Sale and Commercial Property Boards

All our property boards are digitally printed directly onto correx. It is a standard rigid waterproof material used by all estate agents. Standard size flag boards are 6mm thick and have standard allowed size: 813mm x 610mm.

As we are a general large format printing company we can also produce any other kind of property boards (T-boards, V-boards) and commercial property flat correx signs up to 10x5ft in size.

Please note WE ONLY SUPPLY PRINTED BOARDS. We don't provide wooden posts or fitting services as this is usually carried by local fitting companies using solutions typical for your area.

Digital Full Colour Estate Agent Boards

As a digital large format printer, we can print your estate agent boards in one colour, two colour or full colour at no extra cost. Our full colour estate agent boards are also printed with UV stable inks which means a longer lifespan for your estate agent boards compared to other methods of printing. Have multiple designs for your estate agent boards? That�s no issue for our large format digital printers! Digital printers require no plates resulting in cheap estate agent boards. Fill out the form to get your full colour estate agent boards today!

Estate Agent Boards Cut to Shape

If you need contour cut letting or for sale property boards we can cut them to any shape you want, as long it is within the 610x813mm legal area for mounted on posts signs. There are no size limits obviously if your board is going to be installed for example on your private ground (garden, backyard etc.) or if it is single sided board installed on your walls.  Cut-out shape letting boards can deliver the 'wow effect' to make special impression on your potential customers making your brand stand out.

Please go to the prices tab and pick one of standard sizes or feel free to send us a quick enquiry if you are interested in bespoke size and quantity.

Correx is probably the most popular signage material, widely used especially as quick, low cost advertising signage which, because of its cheap cost, can be changed very often without stretching your advertising budget. Correx boards are made of strong corrugated plastic material, also known as polypropylene fluted board. It is inexpensive, very light, durable and extremely versatile material. With stunning print quality on our state-of-the-art UV flatbed machines, we can prove that cheap advertising boards can still look stunning and make a highly positive impact on your business image.

Estate agent Flag boards

Double sided Full Colour 6mm landscape correx boards:

£11.50+vat each, for quantities 5+
£11.00+vat each, for quantities 20+
Setup fee: £10+vat, Delivery from £11+vat

Estate agent 'T' boards

Two landscape 4mm correx boards joined together with a pole slot in the middle:

£10.50+vat each, for quantities 5+
£10.00+vat each, for quantities 20+
Setup fee: £10+vat, Delivery from £11+vat

Let by slips, Sold, Managed by

£2.50 each, for quantities 10+ (up to quarter of the board area).

Different designs allowed as we print direct digitally. If you require bespoke flat correx prices please see below our price matrix for standard sizes. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any specific size or quantity.

For other advertising boards please see below:

4mm Correx Board Prices (standard popular sizes)

Please contact us for any BESPOKE Advertising board sizes or quantities.

Size Quantity Price EACH
A4 correx signs (210x297mm)





A3 correx signs (297x420mm)





A2 correx signs (420x594mm)





60x60cm correx signs (2ft x 2ft)





60x80cm correx signs (600x800mm)





A1 correx signs (594x841mm)





A0 correx signs (841x1189mm)





8x4ft correx boards (2440x1220mm)





10x5ft correx boards (3048x1524)





Please enquire for CUSTOM size boards.
6mm correx boards = above 4mm price +50%
8mm correx boards = above 4mm price +70%
For double sided prices just multiply single sided price by 1.5 (add 50%)
Minimum order value (minimum charge for total order excl. delivery): £20+vat.

All prices are based on copies of one design, please let us know how many designs you have and we will advise if there is any price difference.

Delivery (UK mainland)

From £11+vat per small parcel, up to 1m length.
£30+vat per 2.4x1.2m (8x4ft) parcel.
£60+vat per 3x1.5m (10x5ft) parcel.

Contact us for exact quotation. We use many major UK couriers: UPS, TNT, Parcelforce, Tuffnells. Please note that even if the delivery service is normally 'next day' we can't guarantee that as after leaving our premises the goods are normally out of our control.

In your quote confirmation via email you will be advised exact carriage cost that will include size, weight and any special packing factors.

What type of material do you use to print the estate agent boards?

We make use of Correx, which is a lightweight material that is used widely in the industry for estate agent boards.

Are your estate agent boards made of waterproof material?

Yes, all your estate agent boards will be printed on waterproof material.

What will be the thickness of the estate agent boards that you print?

We will print your signage on a standard 6mm thick Correx boards to ensure that they withstand the outdoor weather conditions.

What types of property boards to you print?

We can handle all types of large format printing including, T-boards, V-boards and commercial property signs that are as large as 10x5ft.

Are your signboards expensive?

No, our signboards are very competitively priced.

What is correx?

Correx is actually a brand name of corrugated plastic material, also known as polypropylene fluted board. The material is most widely used for estate agent signs and quick, durable outdoor signage.

Are correx boards suitable for outdoor and indoor use?

Yes. It's usually used for outdoor use but can also be used inside.

How do I submit my artwork files?

Please use the ‘Send Artwork and Order’ TAB to attach your artwork and type any extra information like your address or special requirements.

You can also simply use our email address (at the top of the website) and attach your files. In case you have any problems with sending large files you can contact us or use file sharing services like

What are requirements for artwork files?

Preferable file format is PDF or high quality JPG. If you are supplying artwork ready to print please make sure the design files meet all general standard printing requirements like:

  • Files must be to scale (100% size) or at least in proportion (half size, quarter size etc.)
  • CMYK colour mode (no RGB or Pantone colours as it can cause problems)
  • All text must be converted to curves/outlined or at least embedded inside supplied pdf
  • There is no need for extra bleeds and crop marks for simple rectangular signs
  • Please include cutpath for cut out boards indicating expected board shape OR simply describe where it should be and we will draw the shape for you in most cases free of charge.

In case you require and design work or are uncertain about the files you have please just attach your files with description in your message. We will help and advise. If there would be any extra charge involved we will let you know before proceeding with any changes.  

Why are your printed correx boards so cheap?

Corrugated plastic material is not expensive. It is light and easy to cut, reducing the cost of delivery and labour. We print direct on correx boards instead of using digital vinyl printed and mounted onto boards. The latter method is old fashioned, expesnive and time consuming.

If it's ideal material why do people use more expensive materials?

Correx is very light and although it is durable it is not as hard as foamex or aluminium. Also, Foamex or Foam Core material may be more suitable for high profile indoor purposes like exhibitions because it has a smoother finish than corrugated correx. Please visit our foamex printing website if you need more heavy duty or exhibition panels printed.

How can I download your sample images?

Please click below links (and then right click to save on your computer):

Contour cut estate agent boards Contour cut estate agent boards
Fozard Properties Fozard Properties
Manchester Property Group Manchester Property Group
PIMO Estate Agents PIMO Estate Agents
Property Cumbria Property Cumbria
Jonathan James to let board Jonathan James to let board
Letting boards cut to shape Letting boards cut to shape

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