Bollard Covers

  • High quality bollard cover printing service
  • Corrugated plastic bollard covers, bollard boxes and pillar covers
  • Any popular shapes available (triangular and rectangular covers)
  • Correx pillar covers from typical 1m height up to 3m
  • Ideal for converting bollards and columns into vibrant advertising
  • Full colour printed bespoke bollard wraps / bollard boxes

Bespoke Bollard Covers / Bollard Wraps

Correx bollard wraps are gaining in popularity these days thanks to quick and affordable direct print technology available. With UV printers, correx board covers can even be used for temporary promotional advertising. Generally there are two types of bollard covers: triangular and square shape wraps. Please note, we print bollard wraps from scratch so they can be fully bespoke, tailor-made signs in almost any size, shape or with cut out shape so please enquire about any specific requirements.

Transform your car park or store entrance bollards into a high impact, mini advertising billboard with our bollard covers!
In-house custom printed Correx bollard signs. Choose from 3 sided triangular or 4 sided square bollard covers available to fit a variety of bollard diameters. Bollard sleeves function as mini billboards. They create a highly visual display attracting the attention of passersby. With our square bollard covers you have 4 panels worth of space to get your message across and promote your brand. So they’re perfect for short term marketing campaigns, in store promotions and special offers.

Custom printed with your promotional message using UV weather proof inks direct to panel onto durable Correx plastic. The bollard covers are supplied with either a double sided tape tab for secure installation or alternatively with hook and loop velcro for ease.
Show off all your in-store promotions and special offers!

Square shape Bollard Covers

Square bollard covers offer a tighter fit on bollards and are surprisingly more cost effective than 3-sided triangular wraps based on the same size bollard. Consequently they offer less advertising space than triangular wraps unless the covers don't have to wrap the bollards very closely.

Triangular shape Bollard Covers

Bollard adverts in a triangular shape are, for many people, more interesting than standard square 'box like' signs. Paradoxically they offer more advertising space than 4-side square shape bollard signs based on the same diameter bollard that you want to wrap, although with square wrap you will always achieve tighter fit if you don't want to obstruct any more space than the bollards themselves.

The Order Process

We print bollard covers and column covers using vibrant no fading UV inks. The process starts with sending us an email containing the measurements of your bollards (or a ready to print bollard design attached). If you ask us to do the artwork for you, we prepare a visual based on your description and measurements. After approval, we print the designs on 4mm correx boards (corrugated fluted plastic). Once the wraps have been scored and prepared to be joined together (whether it's adhesive tape or slot mechanism) they are ready to be despatched.

Your Bollard Diameter    = mm   

OR Minimum Side Width = mm   Max bollard diameter: 115mm

Select Type:         Quantity =       

                              Price       = £+vat each

                                                                 Delivery  = £

Square shape bollard cover prices

Typical cost-effective size options. Price based on print ready artwork supplied. Please email for specific sizes and quantities.

square bollard wrap printed
Size Bollard Diameter Qty Price Each Qty Price Each
177x1000mm (side)
738x1000mm (total)
inc. 30mm join
Max. 177mm 1-5 £25+vat 6+ £20+vat
290x1000mm (side)
1190x1000mm (total)
(inc.30mm join)
Max. 290mm 1-5 £27+vat 6+ £23+vat
360x1000mm (side)
1470x1000mm (total)
(inc.30mm join)
Max 360mm 1-5 £29+vat 6+ £25+vat

Triangular bollard cover prices

Calculate the minimum cover size based on your bollard diameter.

Your Bollard Diameter = mm        Min Side width = mm

Typical cost-effective size options. Price based on print ready artwork supplied. Please email for specific sizes and quantities.

triangular bollard covers printed

Size Bollard Diameter Qty Price Each Qty Price Each
236x1000mm (side)
738x1000mm (total)
inc. 30mm join
Max. 136mm 1-5 £25+vat 6+ £20+vat
386x1000mm (side)
1188x1000mm (total)
(inc.30mm join)
Max. 222mm 1-5 £27+vat 6+ £23+vat
480x1000mm (side)
1470x1000mm (total)
(inc.30mm join)
Max. 276mm 1-5 £29+vat 6+ £25+vat


You can request any size or shape bollard wraps. The above are the most cost effective maximum sizes. This means that slightly smaller bollards will share the same price bracket. Please feel free to enquire about CUSTOM sizes and shapes. Please see our FAQ tab if you want to work out your 3-sided bollard artwork size for a particular bollard size.

Try our automatic diameter/side width calculator

Just enter the diameter of the bollard you wish to cover to calculate the minimum width a side of the triangular covers. Alternatively, enter the width of one side of the triangular cover to calculate the diameter of the bollard that can be covered. Please note that the calculation is independent of the units used, i.e. if you enter one measurement in inches, the result will be in inches.

Your Bollard Diameter = mm        Min Side width = mm

How do I work out min. width of triangular covers that can fit on my bollard?

It is difficult to tell with triangle 3-sided bollard covers how wide the sides should be to fit on the bollard, especially if you want the trangular box to fit tight on your bollard. Using your bollard diameter please use the below equation to calculate the width of each of the 3 sides:

side of bollard equation


How to work out max. bollard diameter for triangular (3 sides) covers?

If you have your 3-side bollard cover printed or designed then knowing the side width you can work out the diameter of the bollard the printed wrap can fit:

diameter bollard equation


Can I have any bespoke size and shape bollard covers?

Of course you can have any type or size bollard wrap. The only limitation is the maximum size of teh bollard wrap plan area (when flat) is 1500x3000mm, so 3m (10ft) high and up to 1.5m (5ft) wide. In practice most bollard cover sizes are about 1m high and 20-30cm wide but if, for example, you are wanting to wrap a large bollard with printed correx, it could be even a triangular 3m high wrap with 50cm sides.

Speaking of shapes, the two most popular and practical types are triangular (3 walls/sides) and rectangular (4 walls/sides) as this gives maximum advertising exposure. However more complex shapes are possible. Speak to us and we will do our best to advise how to bring your idea to life.

How can I download your sample images?

Please click below links (and then right click to save on your computer):

Bollard Wraps Printed - Bollard and pillar covers Bollard Wraps Printed - Bollard and pillar covers
bollard covers - square shape bollard plans bollard covers - square shape bollard plans
triangular bollard cover plan triangular bollard cover plan

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