Student Accommodation Pillar and Bollard Covers

Posted by: Milosz on: 05/11/2018

bollard covers for student accommodation

We've recently accomplished a large correx signage order for the Global Student Accommodation. Bollard wraps and triangular pillar wraps made of custom shapes and sizes, differing for each branch, were printed and distributed to numerous GSA locations across the UK and Ireland.

GSA operates in all the major university learning areas around the world offering student accommodation tailor made for market requirements on various local markets and cultures. More about the locations and GSA services they provide can be found here on their website:

Correx Street Signage

For this order we produced a few hundred street signs in a variety sizes. Most ...

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Security boards

Posted by: Milosz on: 01/11/2018

security signs - warning signs

Security Signs

If you are a security company or taking responsibility for protecting premises you need to have your security signs organised to put them up in a visible place on the fence or wall of the protected site. This applies to security boards, warning signs, CCTV sign boards etc. It is a legal requirement to advise of safety measures that have to be applied on the premises. Printing bespoke security boards and site safety signs on a daily basis makes us an expert in this area.

Warning Signs

We can print any type of bespoke safety signs. Recently we have printed ...

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